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A regional committee comprised of NA areas in BC., Canada.

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CANA/ACNA Strategic Plan Survey

The Canadian Assembly of Narcotics Anonymous (CANA/ACNA) has been serving the Canadian Fellowship for over 30 years. During this time there has been continuous growth both in maturity and services provided. However, the world within NA and outside of NA changes, bringing about both opportunities and challenges. In an effort, to prepare for the future we need to formulate a plan that will help us maximize our opportunities and minimize our challenges.

One of the significant ways we gather information about trends inside and outside the fellowship is through partnerships with Regions, Areas, Groups, Service Bodies and NA members at large in Canada. These extra sets of eyes and experiences help to offer unique perspectives on the needs of our fellowship going forward. It is in this spirit we ask members to offer their input using this document which is a vital part of our strategic planning process.Download CANA/ACNA Survey

Gender-Neutral and Inclusive Language in NA Literature


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